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Student Branch

412, Lamington Rd, Near Imperial Cinema, Opp Ayodhya Restaurant,

Grant Road East, Shapur Baug, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400004

Tel: +91 23824534 / 23855468



















The Student’s branch, one of the first branches of the Bombay YMCA, is a hub of year-round activity, with hostelites pitching in to provide a family atmosphere. Numerous programs conducted for the hostelites also adds to the flavour of the branch, as a Centre bursting with activity. The Library at the branch has been ever-popular and has catered to the needs of the students residing there, as also the members who use the facilities. With the resumption of use of the ground floor hall, the number of facilities at the branch has increased.


Hostel rooms, Library and Study Room, Sports and Recreation Center, Camping Department

Student Hostel Accommodation


NOTE: Membershipp & taxes will be charged additional.

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