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Metropolitan Programme

New Link Rd, Opposite Post Office, Madhuban Colony, D.N.Nagar,

Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

Tel: +91 26303076 / 26303065 / 72089 28856

A separate citywide program committee was started in 1971. This committee is now known as the Metropolitan Programme committee and organizes various intellectual, cultural and community programs. The highlights of the department have been competitions organized in Quiz, Debates, Elocutions, and such areas for students of the schools of the city. The recent entry in the area of competitions and programs for students of the Municipal schools of the city has added weight to the department’s activities.


- Interschool Quiz and Debate Competitions

- Annual Awards for Excellence

- Competitions for Municipal School Children

- Talent Contests & Poster Painting

- Members get-togethers

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